Mercedes' electric car reaches a new breakthrough milestone, travels 1202km without needing to charge, breaking the previous record of 1007km
The Mercedes Vision EQXX covered 1202km on a single charge during a recent road trip from its Stuttgart location, Germany, to the Silverstone track in the UK. This trip broke the previous record set by the car itself of 1007km when traveling from Sindelfingen, Germany, to Cassis, France.

The journey lasted 2 days, 14 hours 30 minutes in real traffic conditions – including a closed section of autobahn and heavy motorway traffic near London. The people in the car used the air conditioner for 8 hours and they even stopped at the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix store in Brackley, England.

During this journey, the EQXX has an average power consumption of 8.3kWh/100km. The average speed of the car is 83km/h. In the previous record performance, the car consumed an average of 8.7kWh/100km. After arriving at Silverstone and recharging, the EQXX continued on to the Goodwood Festival of Speed being held in the UK and will participate in the event's traditional hill climb in the near future.

As Mercedes revealed, the EQXX has a maximum range of 1000km and a power consumption of less than 10kWh/100km. And the company has achieved these numbers simply by designing everything optimally to reduce weight and reduce aerodynamics as low as possible.

According to Mercedes, anyone can increase the range of an electric vehicle by installing a larger battery. But that also increases the weight of the car. And letting that weight move also takes a lot of energy, not to mention the car's braking ability and steering feel.

Therefore, the battery block of EQXX only weighs 495kg but reaches 900V. Developed in conjunction with High Performance Powertrains (HPP) and Mercedes GP, the people behind Mercedes' F1 racing cars, this battery pack has the same 100kWh capacity as the EQS 450+ but up to 30% lighter and 50% smaller. Thanks to that, the EQXX weight is only 1750kg.

But in addition to the lightweight battery, the car also has magnesium wheels, aluminum alloy brake discs with carbon fiber reinforced doors and a thin roof made from 117 solar panels. And the solar battery alone is enough to charge the EQXX for an additional 25km. Other range-topping tricks include low rolling resistance tires, a body with an aerodynamic drag index of just 0.17, and a powertrain that can transfer 95% of the power from the battery to the wheels.

With a tech show car like the EQXX, dynamics isn't something to focus on. Therefore, Mercedes only fitted it with an electric motor with a modest capacity of 201 horsepower in the rear axle. This capacity is quite modest even when compared to Mercedes' entry-level models, but the interior of the EQXX is still at the level of the EQS to reflect its avant-garde.

If you have been impressed with the EQS's Hyperscreen screen, you will be "shocked" when entering EQXX by the 8K resolution screen with a huge diagonal size of 47.5 inches.

In fact, it's smaller than the 56-inch screen on the EQS, but it's worth mentioning that this is a single screen instead of a combination of 3 smaller screens. And as a green model, Mercedes also aims for luxury with eco-friendly materials instead of killing poor cows for their skins.

In the world today, electric car companies are always looking for ways to increase the range of models to meet the travel needs of users. However, for an electric vehicle to have a range of more than 1000 km per full charge, it requires a lot of advanced battery technology. As an industry leader and early entry into the era of dynamic electrification, Mercedes is doing a great job with the Vision EQXX.


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