Still without an official name, the game will tell a story of its own in the futuristic setting
Nacon has announced that it is developing an open-world survival game set in the Terminator universe. The title, presented in a short teaser and with no official name, will tell a story of its own inspired by the events of the films.

In the post-apocalyptic game, players assume the role of a group of survivors as they fight for their lives in a punishing, low-resource world.

The action will be located sometime between Judgment Day and the creation of John Connor's resistance and should feature interesting references for fans.

In the clip, you can see that the standard Terminator model T-800 will be the antagonist.

However, due to the game's conceptual ambition and the idea of exploring a massive open world, there is the possibility that new threats will be introduced.

The Terminator game, according to a project developed by the Milan studio of Nacon — responsible for the Rims Racing simulator —, remains without a release date.


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