Nintendo announced plans to acquire Japanese CG company Dynamo Pictures and rename it "Nintendo Pictures".

Headquartered in Tokyo, Dynamo Pictures specializes in CG production for film, animation, games and TV, as well as motion capture work and video distribution.

It has participated in the motion capture of Death Stranding, Monster Hunter: World, and Persona 5. And Netflix's "Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045" and so on.

Additionally, Dynamo Pictures has worked with Nintendo in the past, and the company helped create the CG cutscenes in Metroid: Other M.

AndroBliz learned that Nintendo plans to acquire 100% of Dynamo's outstanding shares to make it a wholly-owned subsidiary, and the transaction is expected to be completed on October 3.

After the acquisition, Nintendo plans to change its name to Nintendo Pictures Co, Ltd, and the new company will focus on developing visual content using Nintendo IP.

Nintendo Pictures is not the same company, not to be confused, with the current Nintendo Studios, which will launch the Super Mario Bros. Movie.


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