Rumor has it that Nothing Tech is about to reveal a new smartphone, this device is known as the Nothing Phone (1) Lite
Nothing Phone (1) After a long period of marketing, it was officially launched on the market some time ago. After launching its first model, the Nothing Phone (1) earlier this month, it was recently reported that Pei Yu's Nothing company appears to be launching another new device this year.

Judging from the sales volume of the Nothing Phone (1), the start-up company run by Pei Yu seems to have a good response in the smartphone market. Hence, that could probably be the reason behind the new Nothing Phone (1) arriving towards the fall of this year.

This device can be regarded as the "Lite" version of Nothing Phone (1), retaining most of the hardware configuration of the device, such as the Snapdragon 778G+ processor, but at a lower cost.

The new Nothing Phone will use most of the hardware of the Nothing Phone (1), such as retaining the Snapdragon 778G+ processor, using a 6.55-inch FHD+120Hz AMOLED screen, a front 16-megapixel single mirror and a rear 50-megapixel main mirror, etc.

Compared with the existing model, the Glyph back light bar and wireless charging will be cut off, and the back cover will be replaced with common glass.

Word has it that the installation will make its debut in India during a "festive period", possibly during India's Diwali festival in late October.

It is worth mentioning that the source revealed that Nothing denies the existence of the device. According to the marketing method of the first product, Nothing should be strongly inclined to business marketing, and rarely keep secrets about subsequent products, and it does not make much sense to directly deny the existence of the device at the moment.


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