It is possible to observe maneuvers and the exploration of Fun City in the content published on Reddit.
A netizen posted several videos of alleged Skate 4 gameplay on Reddit. The content can be found in several Google Drive links shared in the post, which show the intro scenes, stunts, movement of the characters off the skateboard and many crashes.

The author of the post uploaded the logs to YouTube and the file was taken down. The gameplay seems to have much more complicated controls compared to previous games in the series, but the player in charge was not so skilled at drawing a conclusion on the matter, according to the Kotaku portal.

The alleged gameplay of Skate 4, which according to redditor “Parzalai” was recorded in a “cracked version” of the title, can be seen by accessing his post on Reddit.

Even though it seems to be true and with the content sent to YouTube removed - without the reason reported by the internet user -, there is no way to prove that the videos are, in fact, from the new franchise game. So, treat this as a rumor.

Furthermore, After that “pre-pre-pre-alpha” gameplay, Skate 4 will be featured in an event of its own on July 14th at 1 pm ET.

Electronic Arts released the information earlier this month and promised news about the new project.


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