Picture quality comparable to the host: Tencent racing game "Code: Speed" closed beta
Today, Tencent Games’ official WeChat account “Tencent Game Big Game” released a message, announcing that the new racing game “Code: Speed”, which is under development, has officially opened the experience server internal testing recruitment.

According to the registration requirements, "Codename: Speed" only opens the iOS test recruitment, and requires players to be fans of realistic/cartoon racing games, as well as fans of competitive games.

Judging from this requirement, this game is likely to take a differentiated route from Tencent's current "QQ Speed Mobile Games", and the revenue model should be closer to the appearance of competitive games such as "Honor of Kings" and "Peace Elite".

In addition, judging from the official introduction information, "Code: Speed" probably does not use Unreal Engine, but the performance of the details of the car body can still be compared with some console games.

At the same time, according to the promotional description of “Unlimited Free Exploration”, the game will most likely adopt an open world design similar to Microsoft’s “Forza Motorsport: Horizon” series, and players can find and participate in the game on the big map.

It should be noted that judging from the information released at this stage, the work is still in the mid-term development stage, and has not yet been officially named, and there is still a certain time distance before it officially enters the publicity process.

Now that the version number is gradually tightening, if this test fails to achieve relatively good results, it may even be "stillborn" and the entire project will be directly cut off.


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