The game is an enhanced edition of the Type-Moon visual novel, which came to PC in 2012 in Japan.
Publisher Aniplex and developer TYPE-MOON revealed during Anime Expo 2022 last weekend that the visual novel Witch on The Holy Night will release on December 8 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This is an enhanced edition of the PC version released in 2012 in Japan. Published by Aniplex, the console version will include voices and artwork in high definition, as well as adding extra language options in English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Witch on The Holy Night tells the story of a trio who study witchcraft and live together in an old mansion on the outskirts of a Japanese city.

The story focuses on the origin of the character Aoko Aozaki, who tries to live in a universe of magic - as well as dealing with the "everyday struggles of a high school student".

It is worth remembering that the novel will also have a film adaptation in anime format produced by Ufotable - but without a specified release date until then.

More details about Witch on The Holy Night:

Set in 1980s Japan, Witch on The Holy Night tells the story of fan-favorite TYPE-MOON character Aoko Aozaki as she tries to navigate the complex world of magic and also deal with the everyday struggles of life as a high school student. medium.

Players will experience the exciting origin story of this much-loved character, written by Kinoko Nasu — famed creator of the Fate series.


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