Inflation has occurred all over the world recently, resulting in high prices of raw materials and logistics, and many products have increased prices as a result.

But Nintendo recently said that while the cost has risen, the price of Switch will not increase because of it. Hence, maintaining its normal price.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said in a recent interview that even if production costs rise, they won't raise the price of the Switch to offset the costs.

He said semiconductor purchases began to improve in the late summer of this year, although the future remains unclear and the problem of insufficient production may continue.

Nonetheless, the main reason for the Switch to keep the price the same is that they want to avoid a situation where consumers don't want to buy because of the price increase, and try to provide consumers with the unique entertainment method of the Switch.

In addition, in addition to the Switch hardware, game software is also the main source of income, so it is also important to maintain the demand for the Switch to achieve the smooth development of the overall business.


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