Latest rumor claims that Apple is starting to making iPhone 14 Series in India
With the approach of Apple's conference, a lot of news about the iPhone 14 series has been hovering, and thus, flowing out one after another.

According to the existing information, Apple's new product launch this year will be held in advance to September 7th, when the iPhone 14 series mobile phones and Watch Series 8 will be released. Today, based on rumors, AndroBliz learned that Apple will start the production of the iPhone 14 in India.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to start producing the iPhone 14 in India within two months after the iPhone 14 is released in China.

Although the official did not disclose much information, judging from Apple's previous mobile phone production in India, this iPhone 14 model should still be manufactured by Foxconn's factory in India.

However, it should be noted that the Foxconn factory in India usually starts to produce mobile phones in relevant Indian foundries after the release of the new iPhone series.

This time, it will be the first time that Apple has started the production of mobile phones in its foundry in India before the new phone is released.

AndroBliz speculates that there are two reasons why Apple made such a decision. First, Apple is quite optimistic about the iPhone 14 series. In order to prevent the shortage of supply after the release of the new phone, it has asked the foundries in China and India to stock up on a large number of mobile phones in advance.

Second, because the current production lines of mobile phone foundries in India are already mature, they can follow up the production of related products as soon as possible.


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