At the recent monterey car week, bentley officially announced the new bentley mulliner batur, another sales model under its umbrella.

As a new car built by mulliner, bentley's personalized customization department, the car is priced at up to 2 million us dollars d is limited to 18 units worldwide.

However, the car will will go into production in 2023, and the first models will be delivered next year.

From the outside, the new model does not use Bentley's previous retro design, but uses more design elements on the car. The split round headlights are replaced by matrix headlights.

With the large air intake grille and hollow air ducts on both sides, the overall look and feel is more full of the design of a modern sports car.

From the side, the car adopts a fast-back style, and the 22-inch large-sized wheels with red calipers are full of sports style. The rear of the new car uses the same flat taillights, which looks more rounded.

The car's interior doesn't look as much changed as it does on the outside, inspired by another previous custom model, the Bacalar, but still retains a wealth of customization options, the car's interior offers Scottish leather, Italian leather and Dinamica faux suede.

Three interior materials are made from recycled materials, and 18K gold and 3D printed components are also available according to the owner's needs.

The interior layout of the new car does not adopt the sense of technology that current car companies like to follow, but pays more attention to creating an elegant and luxurious interior style.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 engine common in the Bentley family, which can generate up to 710 horsepower (544 kilowatts) and 1000 N m of torque. This makes it the most powerful car Bentley has ever built.

The car also features an advanced air suspension that adds electric active anti-roll, an electronic limited-slip differential and four-wheel steering, further enhancing the car's ride comfort.


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