How to stop PSP (PPSSPP) games from hanging | Best Racing PSP setting | How to PPSSPP games from hanging on Android in 2022 || Play PSP games smoothly
If you're talking about PSP (PPSSPP) best games and exclude pursuit force; extreme justice then trust me, you haven't started playing PSP games yet. This game comprises of both action "shooting" and the racing which ever expose you to the world of driving cars, trucks, yatch, boat and lots of them.

However, pursuit force; extreme justice: is really a fantastic game and a must-play games for gamers and thus, it is more than any of the dire movie-licensed games pumped out since the films release.

Pursuit force; extreme justice was programmed by Bigbig studios which was released for PSP (PPSSPP) in 2007. Hence, it is a vehicular combat video game.

Extreme Justice revives memories of classic arcade racer Chase H.Q. You'll see high-speed highway pursuits with bad boy vehicles as you attempt to bring those crooks to book with well aimed rams and handgun fire. But there's so much more to it than that.

As you put your foot down and edge closer to the bad guys you'll be able to fling yourself from your car onto the target vehicle, landing on the bonnet, the roof or clinging on to the back like Marty McFly on steroids.

The story, while overrun with cliché, hammy dialogue and predictable plot, is a perfect fit for the game. The main single-player campaign, which will take you at least five hours of solid play to work your way through, features some eye-catching characters. However, without much time wasted, am sharing with you the best racing PSP (PPSSPP) game settings and thus, it is pursuit force; extreme justice PSP (PPSSPP) game settings:

Pursuit Force; Extreme Justice PSP Game Settings || Best Racing PPSSPP Game Settings In 2022:

Note: This PSP game settings can be used for other racing games and action games as well, however, do not touch or edit anyone that is not included in this article for better performance.


Rendering Mode:

  • Backend — OpenGL
  • Mode — Skip Buffer Effect (Non-buffered, Fast)
  • Stimulate Block Transfer Effect — Toggle It On ☑️

Framerate Control:

  • Frameskipping — 1 or 2
  • Auto Frameskip — Toggle It On ☑️
  • Prevent FPS From Exceeding 60 (Speeds Up GoW) — Toggle It On ☑️
  • Alternative Speed (In % 0=Unlimited) — 1000%


  • Immersive Mode — Toggle It On ☑️


  • Rendering Resolution — Auto (1:1)
  • Display Resolution (HW Scaler) — Auto (Same As Rendering Resolution)
  • Hardware Transform — Toggle It On ☑️
  • Software Skinning — Toggle It On ☑️
  • Lazy Texture (Speed Up) — Toggle It On ☑️
  • Disable Slower Effects (Speed Up) — Toggle It On ☑️
  • Spline/Bezier Curves Quality — High

Texture Scaling:

  • Upscale Level — Auto
  • Upscale Type — xBRZ

Texture Filtering:

  • Anisotropic Filtering — 16x
  • Texture Filtering — Auto
  • Screen Scaling Filter — Linear

Overlay Information:

  • Show FPS Counter — Both



  • Enable Sound — Toggle It On ☑️
  • Global Volume — 10
  • Volume Latency — Medium

How To Make Racing Game Faster On PPSSPP (PSP) In 2022 || Pursuit Force; Extreme Justice PSP Game Settings:

Gone are days when PSP (PPSSPP) games can be played only on PSP itself and thus, only few can afford it.

Special thanks goes to developers for being able to bring PSP right on our Android but at first, Android deserves a praise worthy for being an Open-Source Operation system, thereby giving the programmers the opportunity to create such app.

However, with the above PSP game settings you can play your PSP game smoothly without hanging and even without the sound cracking. Do make use of the comment box to tell us what you think about this settings, how it worked for you and if there's more to add to this article.


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