BMW of Germany will start mass production of fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) jointly developed with Toyota, which has cooperated in the field of environmentally friendly vehicles, as early as 2025.

In an interview with Nikkei, BMW Senior Vice President Peter Nota said that BMW will start the trial production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCV) before the end of 2022, and continue to promote the construction of the hydrogen refueling station network. Mass production and public sales will begin later.

He said that BMW released the concept car of the SUV FCV "iX5 Hydrogen" at the Munich International Auto Show in Germany in September 2021. It will start trial production before the end of 2022, and plans to start mass production and sales after 2025. . Peter Notta also emphasized that "FCV has a high affinity with large SUVs".

Peter Notta said that he is still promoting various plans related to fuel cell vehicles with Toyota, and hopes to cooperate with Toyota in fields other than FCV in the future.

AndroBliz learned that at the 2021 Munich Auto Show, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen completed its debut. BMW officially said that the BMW iX5 Hydrogen will be the most efficient PHEV plug-in hybrid vehicle BMW has ever built.

The biggest difference between the BMW iX5 Hydrogen and the normal version of the BMW X5 is the addition of a similar exterior design to the iX3 pure electric vehicle.

BMW is equipped with two "hydrogen tanks" made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials on the car, which store the hydrogen required for driving at a pressure of 700Bar, and can store a maximum weight of about 6Kg.

It is worth mentioning that the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in terms of energy replenishment are very obvious. This vehicle only needs 3-4 minutes to fill up the hydrogen tank each time, which is even shorter than that of traditional models.

In addition, the BMW iX5 Hydrogen prototype is equipped with BMW's fifth-generation electric motor. The electric motor on the rear axle can provide 125kW of power, with a combined maximum power of 275KW. The overall power level is comparable to a BMW X5 equipped with an inline six-cylinder engine. Even more torque.


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