Wanted by a mysterious and influential organization, you will have to traverse the futuristic city of Harbor Prime and forge your trusted allies to take down this mysterious system! In this Blade Runner and Neuromancer-inspired cyberpunk adventure, you're free to choose your playstyle - become a silent assassin, a hacker, a diplomat or a righteous gunman?

DeX is designed as a throwback from the previous 2D version, while incorporating modern RPG elements, providing a real-time combat experience and an extremely engaging storyline.

As you progress through the game, you can customize your character's skills, gear, and even enhancements - implants that give superhuman abilities and open up new paths in life. world of games.

A revolutionary hacking tool that also allows you to enter Cyberspace - bypass viruses and intrusion countermeasures to deactivate turrets, overload devices, steal corporate data and paralyze his enemies.

Currently, this game is being received for free on the GOG platform within 58 hours (starting from the time of posting), if you love the action game genre, hurry up and get it right away lest you miss it.

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