Muscle car legend Dodge finally ditches gas for electric, electric muscle car Charger Daytona SRT concept car || Dodge Car Wallpaper 2022
Barely few days ago, on August 17, Dodge unveiled a new concept car called the Charger Daytona SRT, which is positioned as an electric muscle car and will launch in 2024.

The Charger Daytona SRT is a coupe with some new technology that makes this electric car a little different from other electric cars on the market, looking and driving like a traditional muscle car, replacing the current challenges The Challenger and the Charger are two gasoline models. "We think this car will redefine the American muscle car," said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis.

In terms of appearance, the Charger Daytona SRT has a futuristic feel while retaining the retro feel. The body lines have an obvious muscular feel, but the obvious "R-wing" and smooth body at the front of the car show that the car is an electric car.

In terms of configuration, the Charger Daytona SRT is unexpectedly equipped with a multi-speed gearbox and exhaust port, which is not the current mainstream single driving gear design. Kuniskis said that many of the technology and design elements of the Charger Daytona SRT will be used in the production model. "It's not a science project, it looks like a Dodge, it sounds like a Dodge, and it drives like a Dodge."

In addition, the Charger Daytona SRT is equipped with an 800V "Banshee" propulsion system. There will be three different performance levels for the production model in 2024, and it will be further expanded to nine in the future. The specific performance indicators Dodge has not yet announced.

To preserve the driving experience of a gasoline vehicle, Dodge's patented technology preserves its sound and driving behavior. According to Kuniskis, the exhaust system of the new concept car will be as loud as the Hellcat.

Kuniskis also introduced a technology called "eRupt" for the Charger Daytona SRT, which "is a multi-speed transmission with electromechanical shifting" that "provides unique shift points."

Stephanie Brinley, principal analyst at S&P Global, affirmed Dodge's innovation in preserving the operating experience of a fuel vehicle on an electric vehicle, saying that this will be one of the selling points.


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