According to the latest rumors, Microsoft wants to go back to releasing a major version of Windows every three years, rather than offering a single release with annual feature updates.

These rumors make Windows users wonder what the next Windows - expected Windows 12 will look like? Although we don't have official details about Windows 12, some users decided to look for information in a slightly unusual place.

A BetaNews employee used Midjourney, an AI-powered text-to-image converter, to create Windows 12 wallpapers.

The result was realistic-looking yet surprisingly well-mixed Windows 10 logo with extremely beautiful and strange colors.

Please be informed that we will only upload few of the wallpapers to serve as sample of what we have in store for you. However, we have uploaded a zip file containing all the wallpapers, click here to access all the wallpapers.

Windows 12 Wallpaper Collection:



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