According to report, FIFA 23 will receive a major upgrade. This upgrade, however, includes the clothes worn in the pitch, as well as realistic shadow.
As we get closer to the launch of FIFA 23, EA SPORT continues to share more details about the game. Yesterday, the developers highlighted graphical and presentation enhancements to the latest (and final) version of the licensed football game; this year's version, for example, showcases pitch wear that remains active throughout the game.

However, FIFA demo producer Fab Muoio said that “the pitch is by far our biggest visual improvement in FIFA 23. What we really focused on was harnessing the power of the new hardware to make it look as real as possible, and we tweaked the length and color of the grass.“

Muoio further said that “there was even some dirt on the grass exposed, especially when it was ripped apart by a shovel or knee shovel. You can see the marks left by Mbappe celebrating the goal, what's really cool is that if you do that in the first half, you continue to see those marks in the second half, and the turf degrades over the course of the game Keep it up, it can be observed from kickoff to full game.”

FIFA 23 also features more realistic shadows, which may not sound exciting, but it's actually a way to reduce the feeling of players floating on the pitch.

Meanwhile, Muoio stretched saying; “What we did was look at increasing the shadow of the ball, so you'd see more shape on the ball itself, and some of the shadow on the player itself was intensified. This makes it feel like they're more connected to the plane, which makes everything feel more in tune.”

More work has been done to improve the overall expressiveness of the game, such as expanded pre-match preparations, more realistic crowds, improved net physics, new celebrations, and the addition of female referees and officials.


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