Of course, it's remaining just few days for Samsung to reveal the latest generation of its foldable Smartphones. also some Galaxy products. However, we have seen tons of leaks regarding to what Samsung have in store for us. especially about the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

What's certain is that Samsung wants to go all out on these two models, allocating plenty of its production power to them in the hopes of recouping losses from other smartphone segments.

That said, these aren't the end-all and be-all of Samsung's foldable plans, and it seems that we may be just five to six months away from seeing the company's third foldable device in the form of a large foldable tablet.

Foldable and rollable screens have always been made with the intention of solving the problem of size. Many people want large displays for their phones, computers, or TVs but don't want to pay the price in terms of space. A foldable phone strikes a balance by using a flexible screen in order to fold into something smaller for easier storage.

According to recent leak, Samsung want to introduce the foldable tablet. However, it is said that the Korean Tech giant will launch its first foldable tablet on the same day as the Galaxy Tab S9.

If the company sticks to its current schedule, that could happen in just half a year, around January or February 2023. Details are still scarce, unsurprisingly, but the mere idea that we're this close to seeing a foldable tablet could put the rumor mill into high gear.

Meanwhile, Samsung has already shown multiple prototypes of a large slate that folds into a smaller form in different ways — it even named at least two of these, hinting that they could be the commercial names for these technologies.

The Flex S is what most will probably think of when imagining a large table that has to fold into a more portable form — in this case, folding in opposite directions to create an S or Z shape. The Flex G, in contrast, has two flaps that fold on top of each other, resembling a squished G instead.

The rumor doesn't mention which direction Samsung will go, but the Flex S style is definitely more impressive to look at and probably more practical since you can use the tablet even while folded.

This tablet could be called the Galaxy Z Tab or Tab Z, depending on whether it's true that Samsung is considering dropping the Z branding. Whichever way it goes, this tablet will definitely be the talk of the town next year, presuming it does launch as rumored.


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