Fan-made "GTA 6" trailer, the picture of Unreal 5 engine is really too strong
Recently, we found more and more news about "GTA 6", but despite this, Rockstar has still not disclosed the news about "GTA 6", not even the game trailer, which makes players very disappointed.

In order to satisfy everyone's imagination, a YouTube channel named TeaserPlay used the Unreal 5 engine to create a concept trailer for "GTA 6".

The game screen and environment of "GTA 6" shown in the film simply satisfy the imagination of players. The light and shadow effects in the film are very realistic and the atmosphere is full, which also shows the power of the Unreal 5 engine.

It is understood that "GTA 6" will be played in Sin City at first, but more maps will be unlocked in the future, including Liberty City, San Fierro and Las Veneras.

It is said that "GTA 6" has been in production since 2014, and it has been eight years now, and the game development code is Project Americas. It is worth mentioning that "GTA 6" is set for two protagonists, and this time one of the protagonists is a Latino woman.

In addition, "GTA 6" can unlock more cities through players' continuous exploration and development, the game world is larger than the previous series, and the content and scenes are also more.


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