People's expectations for Unreal Engine 5 are very high, it can provide a truly immersive experience, and it can reduce the production cost and budget of games as well as movies and animations.

Recently, Youtuber TeaserPlay uploaded a high-definition remake of the "GTA 4" video, which was remade with Unreal Engine 5.

In this video, TeaserPlay recreated multiple scenes in Liberty City of "GTA 4" with Unreal Engine 5, and also carried out high-precision 3D modeling of the protagonist Nick.

The male protagonist Niko Bellic in "GTA 4", a 30-year-old white man from Europe, came to the "Liberty City" of the United States alone and found a "rich" cousin. Unfortunately, all of this was woven by the cousin with lies illusion.

Nick and his cousin go through thousands of adventures in search of the "American Dream". He realizes his dream in this Liberty City with the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square.

Before that, TeaserPlay used Unreal Engine 5 to remake many work videos and shared related videos. Like the previous remakes, this time Unreal 5 "GTA 4" showed very satisfactory results.


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