An issue with the new icon showing the remaining battery percentage on iOS 16 has been fixed with beta 6
Last week, Apple released iOS 16 beta 5 which reintroduced the ability to instantly view the remaining battery percentage on the screen on the iPhone, without first having to check through the Control Center.

However, in this first implementation of the feature there was a bug which has now been fixed with iOS 16 beta 6 update.

Basically, even keeping the function off and then choosing NOT to show the battery percentage, when the Energy Saving mode was activated, the icon will transform and show the percentage.

With the beta 6 the problem has been solved and therefore those who decide to keep the function disabled, because perhaps they are not enthusiastic about the way in which it has been implemented by Apple, will be able to activate the Energy Saving mode without seeing the battery icon change.

Why Many Users Were Dissatisfied About The New Icon With Battery Percentage On iOS 16?

For years, users have been asking Apple to reintroduce this feature. Now that the company has done it, the level of dissatisfaction is very high.

The reason lies precisely in the way Apple has implemented this feature. In fact, to show the remaining battery percentage, it was decided to completely color the battery icon, then making the number appear in the center of the icon, in a contrasting color.

In this way, the battery icon always appears “fully” colored and therefore the information that we will obtain “at a glance” is misleading compared to reality. For example, if the battery is at 25% remaining charge, we will still see the “full” icon without actually realizing that our iPhone will shut down shortly thereafter.

The only change to the icon occurs only when the battery level drops below 20%, turning red and semi-empty or yellow in power saving mode. In addition to this, the icon always remains full and therefore can give the impression that the battery of our iPhone is always charged even when it is not.

The function is also available on iPhone X and later but for some strange reason it is not present on iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini.


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