The new Galaxy Z Flip4 has intelligent dynamic frame rate technology, which can detect lighting conditions and automatically adapt to the appropriate
The sun is low, and the lights are on. People living in the steel forest, get rid of the fatigue of the day and start a rich nightlife, shopping, eating late night snacks, listening to LiveHouse...

The wonderful nightlife naturally needs to be recorded, which puts forward higher requirements for the night shooting ability of smartphones. This not only tests the lens hardware configuration of the mobile phone, but also requires a better night imaging algorithm.

Samsung's latest folding screen phone, the Galaxy Z Flip4, has a stronger imaging system and AI algorithm, and also brings more shooting methods, allowing users to obtain high-quality images in dark nights.

Photography is the process of recording light. The sensor of the mobile phone camera is the photosensitive element. In the night or environment with weak light, the stronger the sensor of the mobile phone is, the higher the quality of the obtained image will naturally be.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has been upgraded. With the blessing of the Snapdragon 8+Gen 1 processor, the photosensitive ability of the image sensor has been increased by 65%. In this way, even in low-light environments, the photos taken by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 can effectively avoid problems such as underexposure, blur and noise.

In today's short video era, people also like to shoot short videos, Vlogs, and share them on social platforms. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4's ability to shoot video at night is equally impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has intelligent dynamic frame rate technology, which can detect lighting conditions and automatically adapt to the appropriate frame rate to meet the optimal smoothness required for user video shooting.

It also has a super night scene function, which automatically recognizes objects and scenes through advanced AI technology, captures their true shapes and tones, and uses these data as a benchmark to enhance details, while using multi-frame synthesis technology to achieve noise reduction processing to enhance the night scene video quality.

At the same time, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 also uses the industry-leading OIS+VDIS dual-track image stabilization solution: OIS optical image stabilization improves the hardware angle correction, and can quickly and accurately detect motion to maintain a stable image, while VDIS uses a higher sampling frequency, resulting in faster and more accurate magnitude and direction analysis. The combination of these two technologies helps the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 easily capture clear and stable videos in low-light environments.

If you use a traditional smartphone to shoot, you may encounter some problems when shooting, such as it is difficult to pose when taking a selfie, and if you want to shoot some special angles, you need to crouch or even lie down and other awkward postures. Based on the unique shape of vertical folding, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 brings a vertical interactive mode to help you free your hands and take more creative images.

For example, in LiveHouse, you can fold the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 to a suitable angle and place it smoothly on the table, and you can take a selfie with the actors on the stage as the background.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 supports gesture control, you have plenty of time to pose and freeze your beautiful self. Of course, if your friends have an evening party, you don't have to bother others, the vertical interactive mode of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 makes it easy for you to take a group photo.

Multi-angle vertical free shooting also allows you to shoot yourself and friends from more perspectives. For example, you put the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 on the ground and fold it to an ingenious lens angle to shoot the scenes of you skateboarding and dancing, so that you can see the world from a different perspective.

The automatic composition function of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 can help you create high-quality blockbuster content. When the subject is constantly moving, the auto-framing function will focus on the subject and ensure that it is always in the protagonist position of the picture, just like a professional videographer is manipulating the effect of the picture.

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, you can easily achieve high-quality shooting, no matter day or night, you can freeze the beauty, record and share your life anytime, anywhere.


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