Five-minute video reveals details of abilities and shows the main spells of the character
Recently, a gameplay clip posted by 2K showed Wolverine's behavior in battle. In the images, you can see the hero's quick strikes with his adamantium claws and how his Midnight Suns outfit imbues his weapons with flame to amplify the damage done.

Recently, 2K has released a new Marvel's Midnight Suns video to introduce the Scarlet Witch gameplay mechanics. In showcase format and just over five minutes long, the material shows how Wanda Maximoff combines magic skills and her new suit attributes to decimate enemies.

According to the publisher, Scarlet Witch is an apprentice of Doctor Strange and considered the most powerful heroine of the names already revealed. Its supreme particularity has a high radius and destroys opponents with a single hit, being the result of a brutal solar blast.

With Chaos Field, Maximoff prevents all damage dealt to allies and counters, staying active for up to two turns. Meanwhile, Avenger has a passive skill with a 25% chance to debuff nearby enemies and the ability to manipulate enemies in an area and control them through Chaos Reigns.

Another new feature of Scarlet Witch is her exhaustion property to amplify the penalty inflicted on opponents. In a first stage, No More consumes all HP to affect nearby enemies.

However, if players perform power upgrades, the card removes side effects from allies and allows the purchase of a new power card.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will be released for PS4 , PS5 , Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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