Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said, If Huawei Mate50 responds well, it will encourage the domestic high-end mobile phone market
Huawei officially announced t yesterday that the fall launch of Mate50 series and full-scene new products will be officially held on September 6.

As soon as the news came out, it immediately aroused heated discussions among netizens, and related topics also rushed to the hot search on Weibo, which shows the high popularity of Huawei's Mate50.

In this regard, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Ming Kuo said that if the Huawei Mate50 market responds well, it will help reduce the impact of the downward cycle of the consumer electronics market.

The latest news broke that Apple will hold a new autumn product launch conference on September 6, that is, in the early morning of September 7, Beijing time, to launch the series. If the news is true, it means that Apple and Huawei will face each other.

In this regard, Ming-Chi Kuo put forward a different view. He said: Now the two brands cannot talk about confrontation. High-end products are the way out for mobile phone brands. If Huawei Mate50 responds well, it should have an encouraging effect on other Chinese high-end mobile phone markets and help reduce the impact of the downward cycle of the consumer electronics market.

In October 2020, AndroBliz learned that the Huawei Mate40 series was released. Huawei Mate50 is a new product released by Huawei Mate series flagship mobile phone after two years.

In July, Huawei released a new imaging brand, XMAGE. Based on this, many people believe that this time Huawei Mate50 may be equipped with Huawei's imaging brand XMAGE, and its imaging capabilities will be improved in all aspects.


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