At the just-launched Gamescom live event, the car brand MINI unveiled the Bika super-themed concept car developed in collaboration with the anime "Pokemon".

The most special part of this combination is that MINI, which is being transformed into a pure electric vehicle brand, is paired with Bikachao, which has power generation capability, to design a special edition electric vehicle.

This time MINI is based on the Aceman concept car released in July, and then turned it into a "Pokemon". When the owner gets in the car, the main screen will see Bika Chao, and the mood lights on the dashboard will also appear lightning. effect pattern.

The car owner can even connect the game console to the concept version of the electric car, and then use the projection method to display the game screen in front of the car, and the car owner can continue to play games in the car after parking.

Since this is a concept car, MINI did not provide too many details, but for the MINI owners who love "Pokemon", especially Bikachao, I believe it can give them some direction to change the car.


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