Is it really September 7th? iPhone 14 series appeared on Bureau of Indian Standards, hinting us that the launch date is near
Currently, news from many sources indicates that Apple will hold a new product launch conference in early September. However, no official information has been released yet.

Recently, report reaching us reveals new information related to the iPhone 14 series, which has appeared on the Bureau of Indian Standards, and the corresponding device number is A2882, which should be a product in the iPhone 14 series.

It is said that once the information of the new phone appears on India's official database, it means that it is very close to the official release time.

Judging from the current news, at this Apple conference, there will be a variety of products including the iPhone 14 series, Among them, the most important and most eye-catching should be the iPhone 14 series.

At present, these models should have entered the mass production stage. It is reported that Apple is expected to start producing the iPhone 14 series in India a few months after the release of the new phone, perhaps because there are more abundant labor resources there, which can effectively reduce production costs.

However, some analysts previously said that many consumers are still keen on the old series and have little interest in the new phone. The survey results show that only about 10% of people intend to buy the iPhone 14 series.


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