Nothing Phone (1) rolls out a system update, focusing on improving charging capability, detailed UI optimization, and general bug fix...
Not long ago, Nothing's first mobile phone was officially released, named Nothing Phone (1). Although this smartphone is very popular, the quality control of this phone does not seem to be so satisfactory, and the frequent failure of the device has become a point of complaints from users.

Previously, when the mobile phone was exposed to low brightness, the screen would appear green, and later consumers said that the LED light strip on the back of the phone appeared to fall off by itself. But the phone is quite stable in other aspects.

Barely few days ago, August 1st, AndroBliz learned that the Nothing Phone (1) has undergone a system update and launched version 1.1.2, bringing some useful improvements to the phone.

It is understood that the system update is mainly reflected in: the always-on display feature will enable custom mode by default, which means that the feature will be turned off at night by default, but users can still manually change it to always on, but it is no longer is the default behavior; when the display is off.

The fingerprint icon will be displayed when the user gently moves the phone, and the fingerprint recognition is faster after the update. Improved charging performance, and compatibility with third-party chargers. Codec issues; UI details optimized, the update also includes general bug fixes and device stability improvements introduced.

However, according to reports, some other problems of the mobile phone have not been solved, such as audio quality problems, face unlocking problems still exist and have not been improved.


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