In addition to iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch is also loved by many consumers. It has been reported previously that Apple is developing a Pro version of the Apple Watch, and the new product will be released together with the Apple Watch Series 8.

According to previous news, the new Apple Watch Pro will have a different design, a larger size, and a more expensive price.

First of all, in terms of appearance design, the Apple Watch Pro will have a brand new design, with a more durable casing that is more suitable for extreme sports people.

It is reported that the case of this watch is specially made for sports enthusiasts such as athletes and hikers. This material is likely to be a new titanium alloy, which is stronger than aluminum alloy.

The dial size of the new product will also be larger, and the screen will also be made of shatter-resistant materials, making the product more durable.

It is reported that the Apple Watch Pro will have a larger size than the current 41mm and 45mm, the diagonal screen size is expected to be 2 inches, and the screen resolution is 410×502.

Since the size of the Apple Watch Pro has become larger, it is expected to be equipped with a larger battery and provide longer battery life. It is reported that the battery life of the new product can be maintained for several days.

In addition, Apple Watch Pro may support body temperature measurement and add car accident detection functions.


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