Rockstar strategy will give preference to offline experience, according to insider
Rockstar Games talked about the progress of production on GTA 6, in a meeting with investors. According to the company, development is going well and the devs' intention is to “set new benchmarks” in the industry with the game.

Recently, More GTA 6 rumors are taking the spotlight. According to insider “Tez2”, the focus of Rockstar Games will return to the offline experience and the future DLCs of the game will focus on the single player.

The internet user shared the information on GTAForums and ended up gaining some repercussion. He explained that the plan was the same for GTA V , however, GTA Online got more attention from the company.
Rockstar will revert to its future content planning model, used before the success of GTA Online. The first wave of new cities and missions that will be delivered as DLC will be planned before the release of GTA 6. And Rockstar will be able to transfer its resources to the new game that will come next.

Rumors also suggest a city pack to be added after launch. “Tez2” talked about the new locations that are supposed to come to the game:
As for the new cities, I think most of them will be cities or islands that have already been introduced. Cayo Perico and North Yankton style. That way, Rockstar can introduce new heists for the upcoming GTA Online with each of the new DLCs. If we're lucky, a new city will come to the game from time to time.

As usual, it is good to be on the alert: the information of “Tez2” is not official. So, treat this article as a rumor.


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