Ubisoft reportedly making Blade game. Ubisoft, has however, denied the rumor
Marvel and Ubisoft may be creating a Blade the Vampire Hunter game. Speculation began when several people involved in a mysterious project shared a motion capture job at the French publisher.

Actors Alex Martin and Edwin Gaffney gave the first clues about the supposed game. In the same publication with mocap costumes, a photo of the clapperboard with the name of Bassam Tariq, confirmed by Marvel Studios as director of the long with a release date of November 2023, was also discovered.

This has caused many content creators to open their eyes and connect the dots. The post of “ Rebs Gaming ” on Twitter sums up some of the story.

Blade's game is just a rumor. Nothing has been confirmed so far about the game, however, Ubisoft denied rumors involving Blade's game via Twitter


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