According to some sources, Apple is preparing for an October event and on this occasion unveils new iPad Pro models, here are 5 new updates to expect.
According to some sources, Apple will soon launch 11-inch and 12-inch iPad Pro models next month. These new iPad models will be the first successors to the iPad Pro line since it was launched in April 2021. At the same time, these iPad models will also continue to bring improvements to the high-end iPad line.

According to some sources, Apple is preparing for an October event and on this occasion unveils new iPad Pro models, a new line of iPads and announces improvements for the MacBook.

Meanwhile, here are five features as well as change details that we absolutely should know ahead of the launch of new iPad Pro models.

1.) Wireless Charging:

According to Bloomberg, the new generation iPad Pro models will be equipped with wireless charging. Apple has experimented with using a glass back with a larger Apple logo for the next-generation iPad instead of an aluminum case.

This is to prepare the iPad for wireless charging, although Apple has encountered some obstacles in adopting the technology.

2.) New Connection Port:

The upcoming iPad Pro model will have two 4-pin ports, different from the 3-pin Smart Connector port on the current iPad Pro. This port is used to connect accessories such as the Magic Keyboard. The addition of a new 4-pin connector will diversify the types of accessories that can be connected to the iPad.

3.) M2 Chip:

The current version of iPad Pro with Apple's M1 silicon chip was released in November 2020. The M1 chip was the first chip that Apple dedicated to the MacBook, and after a few months, it was equipped with the iPad Pro.

With the upcoming iPad Pro line, Apple will use the newer M2 chip, which was launched in June of this year. According to Apple, the M2 chip is 20% faster than the M1 chip. With iPad Pro, the M2 chip will support Stage Manager multitasking that comes with iPadOS 16.

operating system , allowing users to connect iPad to a separate screen and stack windows on top of each other. According to Apple, ‌iPadOS 16‌ will launch in October alongside the new generation iPad Pro.

4.) Apple Pencil:

A video released in April 2021 is said to have revealed a third-generation Apple Pencil with a glossy finish and a refreshed tip. Although it is said that the new pen model has been leaked, Apple has not yet commented on the launch of the new Apple Pencil stylus after nearly 4 years since the second generation was launched in 2018

There have been no rumors about the new generation Apple Pencil for a year, so we cannot determine the accuracy of this news. If it is true that the new generation Apple Pencil is about to hit the floor, perhaps this stylus model will not change much in design, but there will still be some improvements when the hardware is upgraded, the software is optimized.

5.) Two-way Wireless Charging:

According to Bloomberg, Apple has been testing two-way wireless charging with iPad Pro, enabling iPad users to charge AirPods or iPhones by pressing these devices to the back of the iPad.

There are reports that Apple is even planning to apply two-way charging to iPhones or accessories like AirPods, although so far has not seen Apple take action.


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