The community has taken the information released in advance and is trying to recreate the GTA 6 map. Interestingly, the work has been done by fans around the world together, using an easily accessible tool: Google Earth.

Other applications like Microsoft Paint still help in the process. To bring everything to a scale close to the one presented, even the coordinates displayed on the screen during the test serve as a valuable resource.

The organization to assemble the GTA 6 map occurs through Discord, where there are members of various networks such as GTA Forums, for example. There, all the data obtained is shared with the teams, and according to the Kotaku portal, it is already possible to observe some progress.

Google Earth is important not to use in-game footage and lose what you've done for infringing Rockstar's copyright. The contributors believe that the main setting is Vice City, so, with the scenes and other images seen, they arrived at the following result:

GTA 6's map and setting are still a mystery:

Even with access to information in advance, it is worth mentioning: that map of GTA 6 is still part of the initial project. This means that Rockstar can apply several changes until launch. Either way, even with the concerted effort of fans, this scenario shouldn't be treated as official.

The leaked content even generated a lot of criticism from netizens. To support Rockstar, several studios and developers showed what the pre-production stage of great games is like.


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