Max Schneider is a young car designer currently living in Japan has recently released a video of his Tesla SpaceX Model R Hypercar.

Judging from the video, the car is designed to be quite handsome, and Max said that his only purpose was to make the car go faster, so he even added downward boosters to push the body up, and these boosters can also Spin to push the car back or down, so they also help with braking. Such a deep design also reveals that it was made by professionals.

Regarding the specs envisaged for the rocket-propelled electric supercar, Max said it would have a total output of 2,600 horsepower, a top speed of 467 km/h and a weight of about 2.2 tons.

Part of the reason for the high weight is that the vehicle must carry the liquid hydrogen propellant needed for the rocket.

Electric drive will come from a 115-kilowatt-hour battery pack, which will give the car a theoretical range of 510 kilometers on a single charge, but will not be able to use rocket boost mode.

The car is also better in turns, as its single booster in all four corners creates a lot of assist in the corners.


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