Apple, at yesterday's event released a new product, the Apple Watch Ultra, and of course its attention is due to the extremely eye-catching title of "Ultra". It is worthy of our special coverage.

Featuring a 49mm titanium case with a flat sapphire glass surface, Apple Watch Ultra is also the largest and brightest Apple Watch screen ever. With up to 2000nit Retina screen, it is twice as bright as other Apple Watches.

Apple Watch Ultra brings a new "Action" button, which is bright and eye-catching in international orange, allowing users to quickly access a series of functions with physical control buttons.

The digital crown has a larger diameter, a rougher texture and a non-slip texture, and the side buttons protrude slightly from the case, both of which are designed for use with gloves.

Equipped with three built-in microphones, when in a strong wind environment, the noise reduction algorithm including machine learning technology is used to reduce the background sound of the surrounding environment and ensure clear and distinct call quality.

Three new straps – the Off-Road Band, the Ascend Band and the Ocean Band – bring unique design elements to bring a secure fit and comfort to every expedition.

The operating temperature of the watch when worn on the wrist is designed to help users explore the most extreme and remote locations, whether it's temperatures falling to -20º C (-4° F), extremely cold snowy mountains, or 55º C (131°F). ° F) Very hot deserts, all can handle 4.

Features related to Apple Watch Ultra have been certified to the MIL-STD-810H standard, which applies to military products and is widely used by off-road gear manufacturers.

Tests include low pressure (altitude), high temperature, low temperature, temperature difference change, liquid contamination, rain, humidity, immersion in liquid, sand and dust, freezing/thawing, ice/freezing rain, impact, vibration, etc.

For a better nighttime experience, when the user turns the digital crown while using the "Pathfinder" surface, the interface turns red, making the screen more visible in the dark.

Apple Watch Ultra is designed for water sports, with the new Oceanic+ app for recreational scuba diving down to 40 meters.

With a natural and easy-to-use interface, the Water Depth app displays the time, current depth, water temperature, time at the bottom, and the deepest depth ever reached.

The Oceanic+ app turns Apple Watch Ultra into a capable dive computer. Using the Bühlmann decompression algorithm, it provides dive plans, easy-to-read dive data, visual and tactile alerts, no-decompression limit time, ascent speed and safety stop time.

Apple Watch Ultra is priced from $799


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