Recent report has it that Apple's iPhone 15 Ultra will features dual front-facing cameras, USB-C ports, and the storage starts from 256GB
After the release of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 15 Ultra in another year. Borrowing the Apple Watch Ultra and M1 Ultra suffixes, the new model should theoretically offer a better experience than the iPhone 14 Pro.

AndroBliz has learned that last night Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said that Apple is preparing to replace its "Pro Max" model with a new iPhone 15 "Ultra" model next year, and move to a USB-C port.

Now whistleblower @Majin Bu says Apple's iPhone 15 Ultra will feature dual front-facing cameras instead of just one.

Majin Bu said, “According to my sources, the iPhone 15 Ultra will have 2 front cameras, a USB-C port, and will start with 256GB of storage. The iPhone 15 Pro will always start with 128GB of storage and will have a USB- C, but only 1 front camera."

According to the latest news, the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra has two cameras on the front. The existing TrueDepth camera array has multiple components, but only one front-facing camera sensor, so the so-called Ultra upgrade will provide additional front-facing camera sensors. But this is very different from the current iPhone 14 Pro Max Smart Island "hole digging + single punch hole" screen design.

It's unclear what the second front-facing camera will be used for. In theory, it could be used for stereoscopic video capture, or, more simply, different levels of optical zoom.

Regarding the above revelations, we still do not know the accuracy rate, and it is indeed too early to talk about the specific configuration details of the iPhone 15 Pro / Ultra.


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