During the last Ubisoft Forward, the French company showed the public what the future of Assassin's Creed will be, one of its longest-running and most popular sagas ever.

Several projects shown, from the much rumored Assassin's Creed Mirage to the unexpected Project Hexe. Among the various announcements, however, the one that unleashed fans of the assassin saga is Project Red, a chapter that will lead players to visit feudal Japan in the role of a Shinobi-Assassin.

The latter is a setting that fans have been hoping to visit for several years now. Ubisoft finally seems to have satisfied its large audience.

However, when Western teams launch into the production of works based on the cultures and places of Asia, developers must pay close attention to what is called "cultural tourism".

When this term is used, it refers to titles created without authenticity and sensitivity regarding what is treated. In the past, for example, games like Ghost of Tsushima and Sifu have received some negative reviews for this very reason.

Ubisoft doesn't want that to happen again with its next big title. To prevent this from happening the company has hired some consultants for the game. He is also working closely with the Japanese studio to ensure that Assassin's Creed Project Red can deliver a truly authentic experience.

Although this may seem like excellent news for the future of the game, there are those who have some doubts about it. According to reports from Axios, it is not clear how much decision-making power consultants have in these stages of development. Furthermore, not everyone is happy with the choice of Jonathan Dumot for the role of Creative Director.

Project Red would therefore be a first guinea pig to test this new team dedicated to diversity, inclusion and accessibility to advise on its games internally while they are in development.

Project Red will also be the first chapter to debut on Infinity, the future HUB dedicated to the series. Infinity will not be a real game but a sort of "container" of all future chapters of the saga.

A single access point for fans of the franchise who will always have different experiences within it. Project Red will lead the way to be joined later by Project Jade and Project Hexe.


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