The new Dynamic Island (also known as Smart Island) function of Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro series is quite creative. With the lifting of the ban on media reviews, we have learned more about this function.

It is reported that Dynamic Island can currently display about 30 kinds of information, including incoming call reminders, AirPods and other accessories are connected, Face ID authentication, Apple Pay, AirDrop, AirPlay, car keys in the wallet app, unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch, charging and low Battery reminder, ringtone/silent mode switching, various NFC interactions, focus mode changes, shortcut commands, airplane mode, SIM card reminder and Find My function.

It's worth noting that when the phone's battery drops to 20%, the annoying low-battery reminder no longer appears in the middle of the screen, whether it's connected to a charger or not. Instead, the low-battery alert will appear in the Smart Island without requiring any action from the user.

Smart Island also allows users to interact with real-time activities such as ongoing phone calls, SharePlay sessions, music playback, timers, turn-by-turn directions in Apple Maps, voice memos, screen recordings and personal hotspot connections, music playback Support Apple Music and third-party applications using Now Playing API, Smart Island also supports third-party applications using CallKit API, such as WhatsApp and so on.

Unique to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, the Smart Island is a pill-shaped area that replaces the bangs on previous models.

With the help of software, the smart island can morph into different shapes and sizes, and later this year, the feature will also support Live Activities in third-party apps.


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