Jesse Rentier detonates enemies with his firearms in another Evil West gameplay
Evil West was supposed to be hitting players' hands later this month, but the developers have decided to delay its release until later in the year.

According to the Flying Wild Hog studio, the game was not meeting the expected requirements and had to be pushed to apply more polish.

However, new details for Evil West were revealed by Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog in a nearly 15-minute long video. The images continue the “Extended Gameplay” series and accompany the protagonist in one of the game's initial levels.

In the excerpt, Jesse Rentier accompanies the vampire hunter Edgar as he makes his way to the residence of his father, leader of the organization known as the Institute.

In the middle of a meeting, the house is attacked by human devourers, where the only solution is to defeat the threats and find a safe exit.

The gameplay scenes confirm what other clips have already presented: Evil West will be a brutal game with frantic action. Jesse takes on all kinds of enemies with his firearms and electric claw and utilizes a melee system integrated with stunning combos.

Evil West will be released on November 22nd for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.


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