Kojima's production might be working on a new game as the studio shared a mysterious "Who Am I" poster
Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Studio has not announced a new work since the launch of “Death Stranding” in 2019, except for the more complete “Death Stranding: Director’s Cut”.

Today, the Tokyo Game Show 2022 officially opened. Kojima Studio showed up at the exhibition and posted a mysterious poster. Only the outline of a person can be seen, and the words " WHO AM I? " are written.

Scan the QR code next to the poster, and you can see the same poster on the official website of Kojima Studio. It is not clear what it represents.

AndroBliz learned that Hideo Kojima said at the end of 2021 that the studio is developing two different games, one of which is a brand new and extremely challenging game, but did not disclose the specific game title.

In January of this year, Hideo Kojima posted pictures on Twitter, and there was a folder called "New Projects" on the Mac desktop, suggesting that a new game is being developed.

In May of this year, Norman Reedus, the "Death Stranding" motion capture actor, made it clear in an interview that the second "Death Stranding" was in production. Hideo Kojima later posted a picture of "beating" Brother Crossbow.

In June of this year, Hideo Kojima made a surprise appearance at Microsoft's Xbox & Bethesda game show today, confirming the rumors that have circulated in recent years.

Hideo Kojima revealed his partnership with Xbox for the first time and said that it will bring Xbox players a game. The "new experience" game, described as the game Hideo Kojima has always wanted to create that "no one has ever experienced or seen," will utilize Microsoft's cloud technology.


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