iOS 16 version has been officially released by Apple with many notable changes and new features. However, it added a new Search button on the Home screen which seems to be irritating for some users.

Without having to customize the lock screen or play around with new features that come with iOS 16, turning off the Search button from the Home screen is what most users care about after updating to this version.

We can already search on iPhone by swiping to open spotlight on the Home screen, and this action doesn't change anything in iOS 16.

Adding a Search button right above the Dock is explained to help users " access" to the feature more than swiping to open the spotlight.

However, this is not really necessary, it even causes visual clutter. Fortunately, Apple added this feature as an option and we can turn it on or off easily.

How To Turn Off Search Button On Home Screen In iOS 16

To turn off the Search button on the Home screen, go to Settings => Home screen => Turn off Search on Home screen and you're done.


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