Just like on Android, here's how to turn the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on screen interface into a black and white background
The iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display (AOD) is not like the display modes on Android phones (mostly black pixels with clock widget), instead it works similar to the AOD feature on Apple Watch with a standard lock screen with wallpaper, widgets and some other important information but dimmed.

Many users after owning the iPhone 14 Pro were surprised by this. In fact, some reviews suggest that the always-on display feature should be turned off completely because it's too distracting and consumes more of the iPhone's battery than usual.

However, it turns out that we can also enable the AOD interface similar to that on Android devices with a black and white screen with a default clock widget.

To switch the AOD to a black and white screen you will need to tweak it in a focus mode called "Dim Lock Screen". This helps to completely darken the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) when the always-on screen mode is activated.

However, below is how to turn on always-on screen to display like that of an Android

Go to Settings => Focus => Select focus mode => Options => Enable Dim Lock Screen.

Now, when the always-on screen mode is activated, you will see the matte lock screen option take effect and the entire lock screen will be converted to a simple black and white interface.

In this mode, the always-on display will only show the date and time in white font (plus whatever widget you have selected)… and no other information. Anything like a custom lock screen wallpaper or picture will be completely blacked out.

However, enabling this setting also creates certain disadvantages. For example it only works when focus mode is on.


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