Apple could use a trick to hide the new notch on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. Via software the double break could be shown as a single
After several months of rumors we can almost say with certainty that on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models we will find a new notch formed by a pill flanked by a hole.

Now, a new leak reveals that the company led by Tim Cook could add a software-like device to allow the user to obscure the area around the camera and sensors, making a single notch appear instead of two separate holes when the display is active .

To achieve this, Apple would just need to turn off the pixels in the space between the cutouts to create the effect of a unified shape that should be less distracting to the user when viewing content on the screen.

However, this would be an unusual choice for Apple for two reasons. As for the first, we need to take a step back in time. When the design of the iPhone X was first talked about, there was a myriad of speculations about how Apple would handle the notch in the display.

In the beginning, several leakers thought that Apple would complete the status bar area in order to make the notch invisible, with all the information, such as the time, the Wi-Fi signal, etc., displayed in white.

This has not happened, however, and Apple is unlikely to change direction with the new iPhone models.

Secondly, Apple is always proud of what it creates or designs and the company is able to transform something "anomalous" into an unmistakable sign of recognition, just as happened with the Notch.

In my opinion, using software to “change” the design would create even more confusion, lose identity and in general it seems to embody too much an “Android” philosophy compared to an Apple.

We'll find out more exactly in a week, when Apple will officially unveil the new iPhone 14 models during the “Far Out” event.


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