The Chinese magicians are too fast and dangerous when it doesn't take too long to copy the Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro / 14 Pro Max series to Xiaomi phones and operate as smoothly as the "real" ones.

Android smartphone manufacturers have been trying to get rid of the notch ever since it appeared. At times, hidden camera technology under the screen was one of the most optimal solutions.

However, Apple has chosen a different direction for the iPhone 14 Pro | 14 Pro Max series with the display feature around the front camera cluster with Dynamic Island. Many Android users also enjoy this feature, and even ask the manufacturer to release updates to bring to their phones.

The Dynamic Island-like function on Xiaomi phones works quite smoothly.

While waiting for Android vendors to respond, a Mi theme developer has copied Dynamic Island-like functionality onto Xiaomi phones using MIUI.

YouTuber Vaibhav Jain shared a video on Twitter showing the feature called “Grumpy UI” in action. However, he noted that the MIUI theme is still ongoing and only supports the Chinese language.

In the shared video, the Dynamic Island "fake" feature works quite well when hiding the hole-shaped front camera in the left corner through notifications.

Even so, this feature is not capable of replicating the exact functionality of the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island. MIUI's theme engine only supports changing different user interfaces and does not allow deep intervention in system modification.

Unlike iPhone, Android has a powerful system that makes it easy to manage notifications from different apps and services. So Dynamic Island-like functionality is not very useful on Android phones. However, users can use it if they want to experience something new.

Currently, the Dynamic Island feature above is in Xiaomi's review process. It may appear on MIUI theme store once approved.


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