The Snitch, a highly accurate whistleblower, said that "It Takes Two" is about to land on Nintendo Switch, and it is expected to be announced at the next Nintendo Direct meeting.

It Takes Two is an action-adventure platform game developed by Fog Studio and published by EA Originals.

“It Takes Two” was released on the PC, PS4, PS 5, Xbox One / Series X㇑S platforms on March 26, 2021.

It can only be played online or local two-player split screen cooperative play. Currently, the only platform that is not online is Nintendo Switch.

Although some netizens think that the NS configuration is too bad, so the official did not adapt it, but games such as "Doom", "Crysis" and "Samurai 3" can all be ported to the NS platform. It's also possible, and the worst case scenario is nothing more than a cloud gaming version.

As far as the Nintendo Direct goes, it's been rumored recently that it will take place the week of September 12, and that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess will also be coming to NS.

In addition, two more beloved third-party games will also be launched on the NS platform, so stay tuned.


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