Due to the increasingly stringent requirements for vehicle emissions in Europe, Lamborghini, as a supercar manufacturer, has to make corresponding adjustments to the new versions of its models.

It was previously reported that the static-electric Huracan will use a twin-turbocharged V8 engine to replace the previous V10 engine.

The higher-positioned Aventador supercar will retain its iconic V12, but will also add a hybrid system to meet lower emission standards.

Recently, the latest spy photos of the hybrid successor to the Aventador supercar were once again leaked by Car and Driver.

From the pictures taken, it can be found that the latest Aventador successor test car seems to have been basically finalized in appearance. Its front face seems to use smaller headlights, while adding larger air intakes.

Although the camouflage is very tight, it still can't hide the domineering exposure of the front face of the car, which is comparable to other V12 Lamborghinis before. Overall, this supercar has the unmistakable design attributes of a Lamborghini.

The yellow high-voltage sticker added to the side of the low-slung body is very conspicuous on the camouflage camouflage cover, which indicates the partially electrified identity of the car. The red termination switch on the left side of the front windshield of the vehicle is also very conspicuous.

The function of this button is to turn off the test vehicle with one key when there is a problem with the electrification equipment, so as to prevent the battery from catching fire or even exploding.

In order to confuse the public, the car also uses fake Aventador taillight stickers at the rear, while the real taillights are located on both sides of its centrally placed quad exhaust pipes.

Through the camouflage, it can be found that the taillights seem to adopt a "Y" shape design, Possibly taking some inspiration from the 2017 Terzo Millennio concept car.

In addition, the car also reflects Lamborghini's love for hexagonal elements, which is reflected most vividly in the design of the rear of the vehicle.

It is reported that this new flagship hybrid supercar may meet people in 2023, and shortly after, Lamborghini will launch an all-terrain supercar called the Huracan Sterrato.


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