The identity of the GTA 6 hacker has been exposed: the same 16-year-old boy, who had previously attacked Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, etc...
The beta game video of Rockstar’s highly anticipated game masterpiece “GTA 6” was leaked online last weekend, causing a sensation in the industry and becoming the most significant game leak in history. However, what is surprising is that the black hand behind this leak is only a 16-year-old teenager.

The well-known hacker and the owner of the hacker forum BreachForums "pompompurin" exposed the identity of the hacker in the "GTA 6" leak.

He said that the culprit was the 16-year-old Tea Pot, the head of the cybercrime team Lapsus$ . It admitted to hacking Rockstar and showed evidence in a Telegram chat, but the chat was quickly deleted.

It is reported that the hacker group Lapsus$ has been involved in multiple hacking incidents since the end of last year.

Many technology companies including Microsoft, Samsung, Nvidia and Ubisoft have been attacked by it before. The hacker group has stated that its main target is Money, neither political nor sponsored by anyone.

It is worth mentioning that the US ride-hailing app Uber (UBER) also said it was recently attacked by Lapsus$ and is now in contact with the FBI and the US Department of Justice.


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