"GTA6" leaked 17-year-old hacker pleaded not guilty to computer misuse charges, Bloomberg Legal reported.
Recently, an anonymous user posted more than an hour of "GTA6" development video on the GTA forum, which may become one of the most high-profile data leaks in the history of the game industry.

British police have confirmed that they have charged a teen who has been arrested in connection with the alleged hacking that, according to a report, is related to the recent GTA6 and Uber data breach.

However, the 17-year-old hacker pleaded not guilty to computer misuse charges, Bloomberg Legal reported.

A 17-year-old boy arrested in Oxfordshire on Thursday has now been charged with two counts of breaching bail conditions and two counts of misusing a computer to appear at Highbury Point Youth Court on Saturday, City of London police said on Saturday.

Prosecutor Valerie Benjamin told the court that the suspects had used mobile phones to hack into companies and "blackmail them" for illegally obtained software.

The man has denied using his mobile phone for hacking in youth court. The judge announced that the case would be referred to a higher court, where a "similar" case would be heard later.

AndroBliz understands that while police did not comment on whether the arrest was related to this month's GTA6 data breach, reporter Matthew Keys cited sources as saying the teenager was known as "AK" because of his age.

The source also said the teenager was linked to a group called Lapsus$ and was arrested earlier this year for hacking Microsoft and Nvidia. "U.S. federal law enforcement officials, working with their British counterparts, have identified the AK as a common suspect in both attacks," the Keys source said.

In addition, at least two other people are believed to have been involved in the attacks against Rockstar and Uber, and more arrests are expected, a law enforcement source said.


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