Mercedes-Benz has discounted the AMG GT model, it is understood that Mercedes confirmed last year that the new SL range will replace it.
Recently, according to the knowledge of the AndroBliz, there are reports that Philipp Schiemer, president of Mercedes-Benz AMG, said in an interview that Mercedes-Benz's sports car, the AMG GT, has been discontinued officially.

It is reported that this classic model first entered production in 2014, and more than 17,000 units were sold in the United States during the production period.

With the demise of the AMG GT model, there is a void in Mercedes-Benz's production sports car model. But that may not last long, and it is understood that Mercedes confirmed last year that the new SL range will replace it.

Schiemer said Mercedes-Benz will soon build its successor. Some report have predicted that the new successor model is likely to be a hybrid model.

The speculation is based on the fact that Mercedes-Benz showed the AMG GT hybrid concept car to the outside world as early as 2020, which has 800 horsepower and supports four-wheel drive.

In addition, the AMG C63 just released not long ago is a hybrid, equipped with an M139 series 2.0T four-cylinder longitudinal engine and a rear-mounted electric motor, with a maximum power of 680 horsepower.

There are other relevant people who speculate that the new successor model may also be a pure electric model, based on the pure electric models that Mercedes-Benz already has on sale, and the electrification of vehicles is the current general trend.

Among all possibilities, most people feel that it is impossible for the successor model to be equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine, because the fuel vehicle technology has almost reached the top, it is difficult to make new breakthroughs, and many competitors in the sports car field use a hybrid system.


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