Worth the wait: iPhone 15 and Mac coming next year will be "extremely powerful" thanks to the new generation of 3nm chips
According to the latest rumors, Apple will equip the most powerful chips for its product line next year, namely the iPhone 15 and the new Mac line.

To do this, Apple will need to rely on its main chip manufacturing partner, TSMC. Accordingly, TSMC is developing the 3nm process line and will soon be used to produce Apple A17 chips and Apple M3 chips on Macs.

Apple is one of TSMC's biggest customers and an important partner in chip development for the latest iPhone 14 Pro series. Of course, they only apply the 4nm process.

The smaller the process, or in other words, the larger the number of transistors integrated on the chip, the more powerful the processing performance and power saving. However, lower processes also mean that chip production becomes more difficult and chip prices will be higher.

Currently there is a race to produce chips on a smaller process, so it is not surprising that the price of 3nm chips may be cheaper and soon be integrated into technology products.

In 2023, we should see 4nm chips on the iPhone 15 and 3nm on the iPhone 15 Pro models.


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