Images summarize the main plot and detail battles, exploration, progression and other new features.
Recently, SEGA released more images from Sonic Frontiers to promote the hedgehog's new adventure. The images, published via Game Informer, feature combat scenes, navigation on floating platforms and postcards of the mysterious island.

And now, SEGA released a new trailer for Sonic Frontiers yesterday, presenting an overview of the gameplay and main plot. The images show the game's open-zone concept and how it will be possible to combine the linear progression of classic games with a refined adventure system.

Sonic embarks on a trip to Starfall Islands alongside Amy and Tails to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, but is sucked into a portal and sent to a reality known as Cyber Space.

At high speed, the hedgehog manages to flee the parallel world and finds himself stranded on the remote island of Kronos. It remains for him to find his friends and return home.

Throughout the campaign, the hero will jump across platforms, collect rings and seek strategies to solve puzzles. This system allows for the unlocking of new areas, including secret entrances known as Cyber Space Portals.

There, Sonic will face powerful heroes and have chances to come out with rewards such as upgrade items, experience and keys to rescue Chaos Emeralds.

Regarding combat, Sonic Frontiers offers a renewed and dynamic experience inspired by adventure RPGs. That's because, the protagonist has a skill and evolution tree, where he can unlock special powers and attack and defense improvements. Additionally, an autocombo feature will be implemented to ensure accessibility for fans.


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