Report has it that Samsung's Galaxy S23 series is likely to have the same appearance, but their will be a slight upgrade in battery life.
On February 9 this year, Samsung released three flagship phones, Galaxy S22 / S22+ / S22 Ultra. As Samsung's flagship flat-screen flagship model, the Samsung S series has always had a good market response.

At present, Samsung's next-generation flagship - the Galaxy S23 series of mobile phones is still under development, and many users are very concerned about it. However, an industry insider has exposed the battery information of the Galaxy S23 series of mobile phones.

Specifically, the Samsung S23 will increase the energy density of the battery by 5% while maintaining almost the same body size.

This change will enable the 4500mAh battery on the Samsung S23 to have the same battery life as the 4700mAh battery, which means that the battery capacity will be increased on the premise that the battery volume remains unchanged.

However, it is uncertain whether the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Standard and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will change.

At the beginning of this month, the battery suspected of Samsung Galaxy S23+ appeared in Safety Korea, a Korean battery certification agency, and this battery model is EB-BS916ABY, which is assembled on a mobile phone with model SM-S916B, and the battery will be produced by China ATL (Ningde) Production.

According to Twitter blogger @Iceuniverse, he had revealed earlier the design of the Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ is roughly the same as the Galaxy S22/S22+, and the design of the middle frame of the fuselage has not changed.

In terms of configuration, the Galaxy S23 / S23 + will use the same screen and lens as the previous generation, and the battery is expected to be the same as the previous generation, but the battery life will be slightly improved.

Overall, the design appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S23/S23+ is almost unchanged. But it is worth mentioning that the processor on the hardware will be upgraded to Snapdragon 8 Gen2, the performance will be improved, and it will be equipped with ultrasonic large-area fingerprint recognition.


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